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Car rental without a mileage limit - unlimited mileage

Do you need to travel without worrying about the number of kilometres you are going to do with a rental car? Do you like the road and can drive miles and miles for days on end? Are you planning a road trip with several friends to attend an important event? 

At Goldcar we offer drivers the possibility of car rental without a mileage limit. If you are thinking of taking a long road trip or if you simply know that you are going to drive for many days or long distances, or even if you need a monthly car rental, we believe that at Goldcar we have the ideal rent a car for you

Your car without a mileage limit

Forget the limits and restrictions on your hire, no matter how far you go. With our unlimited mileage car rental service you can drive happily from a large number of Goldcar offices and with most of the vehicles in our fleet and access the monthly car rental.

Also check the cover packs of your car since some already include unlimited mileage. 

Why rent with Goldcar?

At Goldcar we offer you  

  • A modern and renewed Fleet: 80% of the vehicles are renewed every 9 months.
  • The best low cost prices and online offers. 
  • We guarantee reduced and competitive rates. 
  • roadside assistance service 24 hours a day. 
  • Express pick-up service. 
  • Key'n Go: Car rental without going via the counter with self-service keys in kiosk.
  • Rates with unlimited kilometres. 
  • Packs with unlimited Km.
  • Cover with unlimited kilometres.

The Goldcar family

 If you love sightseeing and are always looking for cheap trips, now you can also be part of our Goldcar Club.

Remember that if you are a member of our club you will receive a small gift.

Book your car with Unlimited Mileage

In most of our offices there is no mileage limit, although some do have it.

You can check it in our terms and conditions by selecting the office where you want to rent. 

To check the specific case of the rental you are interested in, once you have selected the dates and the destination on, if you click on the vehicle card you are interested in, you can check if your reservation has a mileage limit. 

unlimited mileage Goldcar

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Rental of vans with Unlimited Mileage

If you are thinking of making a big trip in a group, either with friends or family, you can consult our classes I, J, JJ and K in the booking search, since we have several models of vans and rental cars over 5 seats.

A van or minivan with several drivers plus unlimited kilometres will allow you to make that long trip you are thinking about.

Goldcar has offices spread across 19 countries around the world such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Croatia, Malta, Holland, Greece, Turkey, Andorra, Cyprus, Serbia or Iceland, where you can find the best prices on your car rental.

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