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Automatic Car Rental

Snooze alarm. Delete new notifications. Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. 

Open Instagram. Close and open again two seconds later. Mark all read. If you think about it for a moment, you surely do more tasks than you think on automatic mode every day, but have you ever rent an automatic car? Automatic rental cars are increasingly frequent all over the world. 

Even if some years ago they were only available for premium vehicles, nowadays most of the cars from all ranges have an option with an automatic gearbox, mainly because their performance is becoming more effective. If you still don’t know whether to opt for a manual or an automatic car for your next family getaway, to go quickly from the airport to the city or to take a break with your friends when you don’t own car, we recommend you to take a look at our automatic rental cars. 

This is a common choice for beginners and expert drivers when it comes to going on a trip, especially when you plan to discover a new destination with a rental car. These kinds of vehicles are perfect for long journeys as the driver gets less tired at the wheel. If you are used to driving automatic cars, at Goldcar you will find a wide range of vehicles available for your next road trip

So you can enjoy the ride, with the comfort of driving a rental car as if it was yours. However, if you are not very familiar with them you should know that the main difference from those with a manual gearbox is that they don’t have a clutch. In automatic cars, the gearbox selects by electronic or hydraulic means the right speed and power for each moment of the trip, promoting much more relaxed driving. 

So, if you’ve never tried one, with an automatic car you will discover another way of driving. When you experience all its advantages, you won’t go back to the manual one! 

automatic transmission car hire

Advantages of renting an automatic car with Goldcar

No doubt, the best thing about driving an automatic car rental is to be able to focus your attention on driving since you don’t have to pay attention to the gear changes which keep you focused on the road. This way you will enjoy more relaxed and comfortable journeys. It’s the best option, especially to drive through an unknown city. 

Many European cities follow different traffic rules and even in some countries drive on the left. In these cases, automatic cars are a great choice because not having gear shifting means fewer distractions at the wheel. So you don’t need to get familiar with unknown gears in foreign countries. Hire a car with automatic transmission is also highly recommended for beginner drivers as it avoids driving in the wrong gear. It also has a system that prevents the car from stalling when starting it and from rolling backward on an incline. 

The feeling of being behind the wheel on an automatic car is more enjoyable, as driving is smoother because there are no abrupt changes during the ride. The difference becomes more noticeable especially in big city centers where traffic use to be more frenetic and the starts and stops more often. 

 Also, automatic cars are less likely to have technical faults and require less maintenance since, as they don’t have a clutch, they don’t wear out and they don’t need to be balanced. Not to mention the environmental impact, in case you didn't know driving an automatic car saves up to 20% fuel and the amount of greenhouse gases emitted is lower too considering that gear changes are faster and more precise. In short, driving is less tiring and easier than driving a manual, which allows you to focus just on driving and the environment.

 So much so that, more than 75% of those who try an automatic car would not go back to a manual again. Renting an automatic car for your next getaway will allow you to focus attention on the road which will increase your safety and the safety of those who travel with you. And of course, it will make you enjoy the best thing about going on a road trip: the landscapes you find along the way. 

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If you are looking for an automatic car rental to enjoy driving with maximum comfort, at Goldcar you will find more than 100 offices around the world with a wide range of new automatic cars from multiple brands and models, from Ford Focus, Mercedes Class C, BMW Series 1, Mini Cooper Countryman or Opel Astra. 

automatic car rental goldcar

While doing your search on our website you just have to choose the collection point, the dates and check the "Only automatics" box in the results to see all the automatic cars available according to your preferences. And if you’ve never driven one, don’t worry, here you have some tips to nail it to the first. 

Drive an automatic car 

The first thing you need to know for your first time driving an automatic car is it only has two pedals, the brake and accelerator, so you have to be careful with your left foot. If you are used to driving a stick shift, make sure to avoid pressing the brake pedal with this foot figuring that it‘s the clutch in order to avoid braking.

The automatic cars also have a gearbox with various positions, different from the manuals. The D (drive) is the regular driving mode, so the car will change the gear without doing anything. N stands for the neutral position, R for reverse and P for parking which blocks the gearbox while the car is parked. Besides this, we recommend that if you are going to though prolonged declines use position 2 to avoid stepping on the brake constantly. However, on steep slopes or when the car needs more power it’s better to use mode 1 or L.

automatic change car rental

Although at first, it requires a brief adaptation period, it’s very easy to get used to this change. As you’ve seen, driving an automatic car is easier than a manual one so with these few instructions, you don’t need a previous experience to enjoy driving it.

So if you’re looking for an automatic car rental for your next vacation, feel free to stop by Goldcar’s website and check all the available options.

Booking with us is easy as switching on the car, start the car and enjoy the trip!

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