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7 Seater and 9 Seater Car Rentals.

Do you have a large family? Do you like to travel in large groups? Do you need a large capacity vehicle for an event? It's possible that your best option is to rent a large car or with several extra seats.

Renting a minivan is possibly the best way to travel in a group, either with your family or with a group of friends. It will always be cheaper than renting several cars if you rent a 7-seater car or a 9-seater minibus.

A minivan is a vehicle with more than 5 seats where the engine, the interior and the boot are integrated in a single space. They tend to be higher than other cars and have swinging or sliding rear doors. 

It's the most convenient and cheapest way to travel using car rental for a large group, and not just because of the extra seats, the luggage also requires a lot of space. Plenty of room is assured with these types of 7 or 9 seat vehicles. 

At Goldcar we try to offer you the best economic 7 seat minivans to fit what you are looking for.

Rent a 7-seater

Within our fleet of 7-seater vehicles we offer you: 

  •  Class I: Ford Galaxy, Volkswagen Sharan, Nissan NV200 or similar.
  •  Class J: Volkswagen Touran, Opel Zafira, Volkswagen Caddy Maxi or similar. 
  •  JJ Class: Citroen C4 or similar. 

7 seta minivan rental

A large 7 seater car

Our 7 seater minivans ensure spaciousness and comfort for all, thanks to the additional seats that this type of vehicle incorporates. 

Tremendously spacious and with the possibility of tilting the seats, these 7-seater cars are essential for large groups or families seeking tranquillity and rest during their travels. 

Advantages of a 7-seater vehicle 

  • Recommended for large families or for group trips looking for cheap 6 or 7 seater car rentals. 
  • Plenty of spaciousness and comfort for long trips. 
  • Great stability on the road and excellent to drive. Ideal for transporting a large number of suitcases, sports equipment, etc..

7 seat minivan rental

Rent a 9-seater car 

At Goldcar we also offer you the possibility of a minivan or minibus with 9 seats. Within our fleet of vehicles we offer: 

  • K class: Volkswagen Transporter, Fiat Scudo, Mercedes Vito or similar.

Most of these 9 seater vans allow you to configure the seats of the vehicle to accommodate passengers and luggage in the most optimal way.

9 seat minivan rental

A 9-seater low cost van

Van or minivan, travelling in company always increases the enjoyment. And a short trip with good friends, will become an adventure full of anecdotes to remember. 

The more drivers travelling in the same vehicle, the more possibilities there are to take turns, allowing changes for rest, and for longer trips. Remember to change drivers every 2 hours to travel safely. 

Advantages of renting a 9-seater vehicle

  • Recommended for group trips looking for cheap 8 or 9 seat car rentals. Comfortable and spacious inside. 
  • Greater load volume to transport items such as bicycles, wheelchairs, pushchairs etc.
  • Great stability on the road and excellent to drive.
  • Fuel savings: undoubtedly the low consumption of these vehicles in relation to the number of occupants that it transports is a saving for your rental. 

The Goldcar family

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Working with the best brands 

With a rental car (without driver) fleet of more than 55,000 vehicles including family, automatic and MPV (7 seats and 9 seats), you can choose between the best brands such as Ford, Nissan, Citroën, Opel or Volkswagen, amongst others. With Goldcar you have at your disposal all types of minivans and minibuses so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

The average age of our fleet did not exceed 12 months during 2017. If you want to travel in groups in other countries, you can find offices to rent your minivan or minibus in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Croatia, Malta, United Kingdom, Greece, Turkey, Andorra, Cyprus, Serbia or Iceland, where you can find the best prices on your car rental

And if you do it in the low season, you can find cheap prices from 1 Euro per day.

Travelling helps a good mental attitude and if you do it in good company the memory will be unforgettable.

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