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Car Rental in Italian airports 

Are you planning your holidays in Italy?

Would you like total freedom to road trip through the European boot?

Would you like to be able to rent a car in the main Italian airports?

If you want to drive through the country in depth, the most practical thing to do is to book a rental car in Italy with Goldcar. 

If you want to move around from the get-to, don't hesitate to rent a car from our offices in the airport so you can drive through the most mesmerizing landscapes in Europe. 

Enjoy you rental car in Italy

Visit the beautiful county of Italy with its antique ruins, its gastronomic culture and the rustic countryside.

Explore from north to south in a rental car and drive through all the corners of its vast cultural richness. Remember that in Italy, you don't need an international driver's license, you just need to have a license that's valid within the European Union. 

Goldcar has 17 car rental offices in Italy through the different cities considered to be of touristic interest, so it's worth visiting each and everyone of them. 

Start your visit on the north of Italy, where you can discover the outstanding heritage of the old Roman Empire and other architectural and urban gems. This is an area endowed with an overwhelming geography where you can delve and enjoy wonderful landscapes and natural sites. Don't miss out on our offices located in:

In central Italy you'll find some of the most important cities known world-wide due to its cultural and artistic agglomeration and metropolitan beauty with international influence. The cradle of religion and showcase to great masterpieces from history. Drive through it from:

Rental Cars in Italian airports

In the south of Italy, vineyards, olive groves and different towns full of history are waiting for you, Mediterranean-style. Discover the most traditional Italy, deep-rooted within its cozy aesthetics, gastronomy and incredible culture connected to its past. Don't miss the chance to visit it from airports such as: 

Lastly, don't miss the opportunity to visit the islands of Sicily and Sardinia drenched in the emerald color of the sea and founded within art that has known how to abide throughout the centuries: 

The Goldcar family

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Don't forget that if you're a member of our club, you'll get a small surprise welcome gift.

So don't wait any longer, book your rental car with Goldcar if you're thinking about travelling between train stations. 

Enjoy your holidays from the get-go.

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