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Goldcar Rent a Car Onlilne

In Goldcar, we've increased our awareness in order to improve the user experience and make the car booking process easier. Through the web, its mobile version and our App you can guarantee all the necessary information in order to locate our offices in 18 different countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Portugal or Greece among others, cars, special rates, deals and promotions in 17 languages.

We are one of the best lowcost car rental companies and we would like to show you.

Very easy. Good value for money. Good choice of vehicles. Great insurance cover.

Keith Armstrong, 2020/07/15

Great site, loved it. I hope renting experience will be as good as website.

Ales Urbas, 2019/10/30

great, and effective!! easy to navigate and and understand the xtra.s

Maj kofod, 2019/09/09

Slow to start when entering date/time but worked out well in the end.

Kaushik Shah, 2019/07/23

Simple to us, clear concise website. Prices and insurance cover clearly indicated.

Bernard Marie Alain Cantos, 2019/06/16

very good website it was easy tio navigate and find all the information easily


I believe your offers are very competitive. I ve learnt it is better deal to book directly with you than through providers.

Tomas Riha, 2019/05/05


James Muir, 2019/04/05

It's easy to find an appropriate car. Reasonable prices for cars will surprise everybody

Dmitrii Shapovalov, 2019/03/30

very user friendly site, easy to follow and understand, highly recommended

James Saliba, 2019/03/11

Easy to use, very happy with its user friendliness both from a navigation perspective and for transaction purposes

Philip Blakeman, 2019/02/18

Very user friendly. Easy to understand and easy to add the extras needed.

Francis Fenech, 2018/11/01

Always a pleasure to book a rental car with Goldcar. Happy customer

Kees Slippens, 2018/10/09

Facile prenotare tutto molto economico, usato il servizio anhce in Spagna ed e' filato tutto liscio.Solo occhio alle franchigie


Handy, convenient

Laurynas Jasiukenas, 2018/04/30

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Once the booking is confirmed, you can rate the service and speed of booking a car through a short survey on the confirmation screen.

There are many service rating and opinion platforms such as Tripadvisor, Ekomi or Mytripcarwhere you can read the advantages and disadvantages written by any user. However, the opinions shown here only belong to clients that have booked a car. So, before you book a car with us, we suggest that you read what other real customers have said about booking with Goldcar.