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Long-term car hire 

If you are looking to hire a car for several months, Goldcar offers you the possibility of having a long-term rental for your holiday. Forget car maintenance during your holiday as you´re guaranteed to have a new car throughout your break. 

Monthly car hire 

You can enjoy your holiday for months with a hire car. The maximum number of days you can hire a car on our website is 28 days. However, it is possible for our clients to have several consecutive leases. 

Goldcar car hire for more than 28 days 

  • Find a hire car in our search option for the initial period and the destination desired for up to 28 days
  • Choose the car you want with the extras you need for that period and finish the reservation
  • You will receive an email with a link and a user name where you can see your booking history. If this is the first reservation we will also send you a password. 
  • Return to the search and choose another car and arrange a new contract at the office where you want to leave the previous
  • You will receive another email showing all the reservations you´ve made. In addition you can check your reservations MyGoldcar
  • You can repeat this process as many times as you want 
  • Enjoy your car at the very best car hire price 

The Goldcar family

If you love sightseeing and are always looking for cheap trips, now you can also be part of our Goldcar Club.

Remember that if you are a member of our club you will receive a small gift

Advantages of monthly car hire 

The availability of car rental contracts for several months  gives you the security of receiving your car in perfect technical condition which will be reviewed by our technicians each month. You only have to leave the car at your chosen office and pick up your new hire car.

You can leave your car at any Goldcar office and pick up the next car you´ve hired for another period of a maximum of 28 days. That way our technicians can check the car ensure the availability of your new car at the office you desire.

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