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Why book in Ibiza Airport with Goldcar?

We are one of the best holiday car hire companies. We have exclusive car models at Ibiza which can only be booked through the website. We offer no-franchise cover to insure your trip. and additional driver, internet, satelite navegation, under the age of 24.

Drive a new car with each booking. We renew our fleet of hire car at Ibiza every year.
We guarantee your booking and the availability of a car from the group you book.
We have an express pick-up service at the desk with automatic services such as Key'n go available in some offices.
We have 24/7 roadside assistance available in several languages.

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Why choose Goldcar Car Rental in Ibiza?

You can rent your car for days, weeks, months, short or long term because we have the one of the most modern car hire fleets and less than a year old with express pick-up and key collection services without having to go to the counter Key'n Go (Check the destinations available destinations Spain, Italy and Portugal). Remember that we have reduced prices during low season.

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"very good site used you befor ,cars are clean and service is good to"

dennis stevens hire from Ibiza Airport. Comments received on 2020/10/08.

Why hire a car in Ibiza?

Hiring a car in Ibiza gives you the freedom to explore. Part of the Balearic Islands, this magical island mixes its laid-back lifestyle, with beach clubs and spectacular scenery.

To escape the crowds of Ibiza town (known as Eivissa in the local tongue) a hire car is ideal to discover secret coves and beaches where you can try out water sports or soak up the sun.

Romantic sunsets, boat trips and the relaxed vibe of Ibiza town all offer an unforgettable trip to this jewel in the Mediterranean.

Driving in Ibiza

Ibiza drives on the right and the road rules are the same as in Spain. You can hire your car on the island or take the ferry from the mainland from Denia, Valencia or Barcelona with the Baleària ferry company.

When searching for remote areas of Ibiza take care when driving on the unmade tracks as it’s easy to damage your vehicle. You’ll find the summer traffic around the main town busy, but for the rest of the year driving in Ibiza is a pleasure. It only takes 45 minutes from one end of the island to the other, giving lots of time to explore.

Parking in Ibiza

Parking in Ibiza town will cost about €2.50 per hour. If you’re lucky enough to find a street with no lines you can park. Yellow lines mean no parking and blue means pay at the meter. Beware of faded lines as it’s easy to mistake these for free parking.

When’s the best time to visit Ibiza?

If you’re after sun and nightlife then the best time to visit is May to October, when the island comes alive. For the rest of the year, the temperature rarely drops below 50°F/10°C, offering a mild climate.