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7 Seater and 9 Seater Car hire

Do you have a large family? Do you like traveling in large groups? Do you need a large capacity vehicle for an event? Then it might be best to rent a large car or van with more than 5 seats.

Hiring a minivan is a more efficient way to travel in a larger group, be that with your family or with a group of friends. It will certainly be cheaper than hiring several cars if you rent a 7-seater car or a 9-seater minibus.

A minivan is a vehicle with more than 5 seats where the engine, the interior, and the boot are integrated in a single space. They tend to be higher than other cars and have swinging or sliding rear doors. 

It's the most convenient and cheapest way to travel in a large group, and not just because of the extra seats, you have much more room for luggage too. And of course, at Goldcar we ensure all our larger vehicles are kept in top condition to help you get the most out of your trip

At Goldcar we try to offer you the best economic 7 seat minivans to fit what you are looking for.

Hire a 7-seater

You can rent the following 7-seaters from Goldcar: 

  •  Class I: Ford Galaxy, Volkswagen Sharan, Nissan NV200 or similar.
  •  Class J: Volkswagen Touran, Opel Zafira, Volkswagen Caddy Maxi or similar. 
  • JJ Class: Citroen C4 or similar. 

7 minivan ford galaxy

A large 7-seater car

Our 7-seater minivans ensure spaciousness and comfort for all thanks to the additional seats incorporates in this kind of vehicle.

Tremendously spacious, these 7-seater cars allow you to recline your seat and are a must-have for large groups and families seeking tranquillity and rest on their travels.

7 minivan Citroen picasso

Hire a 9-seater car 

At Goldcar we also rent a minivan with 9 seats. These vehicles are found in our K class:

  • K class: Volkswagen Transporter, Fiat Scudo, Mercedes Vito or similar.

Most of these 9-seater vans allow you to configure the seats of the vehicle to accommodate passengers and luggage in the most optimal way for you. 

9 seat minivan hire

Low-cost 9-seater vans

Travelling in a group is always more fun and hiring a van lets you do that. Even if it´s just a short trip you are sure to be left with many more stories if you journey together. 

It´s more than just a fun thought, it´s safer too. Travelling in a group lets you switch drivers and enjoy more rest time. Ideally, you should change drivers every 2 hours to travel safely.

Advantages of 7-seater and 9-seater vehicles

All these cars have great stability on the road and are fun to drive. A 7 or 9-seater vehicle is much more economical than hiring two cars if you are a large family or a group of friends. They are also perfect for transporting large amounts of luggage or sports equipment. Another advantage is safety. With a 7 or 9-seater vehicle, passengers can take turns driving every couple of hours.

Benefits of 7 and 9 seater car hire

7 and 9-seaters are incredibly comfortable. It is easier to recline seats and there is more legroom. Plus, you can transport equipment like bicycles, wheelchairs or golf clubs with ease. 9-seater mini-vans allow you to configure the seats to create whatever arrangement suits you best. You can face your friends so you can chat easily during the trip. If you are a group travelling to an event or on holiday you can choose to share fuel costs which makes a 7 or 9 seater an economical option.

The Goldcar family 

If you love sightseeing and are always looking for cheap trips, now you can also be part of our Goldcar Club.

Remember that if you are a member of our club you will receive a small gift.

Why renting with Goldcar is a good idea

  • Goldcar has a massive fleet of quality vehicles to choose from. 
  • Most of the cars in their fleet are less than a year old. 
  • Vehicles available include the Volkswagen Transporter, Fiat Scudo, and Mercedes Vito. 
  • Goldcar offers economical renting deals for families. 
  • Prices can be exceptionally low outside the main holiday seasons and Goldcar has offices in many major airports. 
  • You can also become a member of the Goldcar Club and receive gifts and discount offers.

We work with the best brands 

With a car hire (without driver) fleet of more than 60,000 vehicles including family, automatic and MPV (7 seaters and 9 seaters), you can choose from brands like Ford, Nissan, Citroën, Opel or Volkswagen, amongst others. With Goldcar you have all types of minivans and minibuses at your disposal, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

 If you want to travel in groups in other countries, you can find offices to rent your minivan or minibus in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, France, United Kingdom, Croatia, Malta, Holland, Greece, Andorra, Cyprus, Serbia or Iceland. 

Travelling is good for the soul, even more so when done in great company.

Here is the list of the main Goldcar car rental offices where you can deliver and pick up your car at an airport:

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