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Why book a car in Gibraltar La Linea with Goldcar?

30 years experience as a car hire company. The last available cars at Gibraltar La Linea which can always be booked through this website. Only Goldcar can offer you full cover without franchise for their cars. Other advantages such as new drivers, internet, satelite navegation, premium cover.

Drive a new car with each booking. We renew our fleet of hire car at Gibraltar La Linea every year.
Hire a car with Goldcar and your booking is guaranteed.
We have a express pick-up services at the desk and queue control via the app.
We have a telephone helpline for roadside assistance available 24 hours from Monday to Sunday.

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Why choose Goldcar Car Rental in Gibraltar La Linea?

You can rent your car for days, weeks, months, short or long term because we have the one of the most modern car hire fleets and less than a year old with express pick-up and key collection services without having to go to the counter Key'n Go (Check the destinations available destinations Spain, Italy and Portugal). Remember that we have reduced prices during low season.

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"easy to use and includes all the details needed, i would recommend to all"

simon quillish hire from Gibraltar La Linea . Comments received on 2021/04/19.

Cheap car hire Gibraltar La Linea

Great trips at affordable prices

Gibraltar - La Línea is an interesting and different destination, both for holiday travel and for a tour of the south of Spain. A rental car is the easiest way of getting around the area.

Gibraltar roads are narrow, you drive on the right and there is a speed limit of 50 km/h, unless otherwise indicated. It’s important to be aware that the airport runway crosses the only access road to the city, so every time a plane lands there are warning sirens to clear the area. It’s quite difficult to find parking and it’s often better to park in La Línea, where there are reasonably priced blue zone car parks with surveillance.

Gibraltar La Linea by car

Because we like to drive

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, value for money car rental agency in Gibraltar - La Línea welcome to Goldcar! We offer the best car rental prices. Choose the car, minivan, hybrid or electric model that you prefer and get ready to explore all this area has to offer.

The most popular place in La Línea is the Plaza de la Iglesia, where you’ll find an excellent choice of bars and restaurants to have something to drink and eat. Other places of interest are the Jardines Saccone, the Atunara, Levante beaches, and the Santa Bárbara Fortress.

You can walk to Gibraltar and stroll along Main Street that’s lined with shops selling clothes, gifts, electronics and jewellery. Another good idea is to explore the Rock’s natural surroundings, (El Peñón to the Spanish), which can be accessed by cable car. You can also go on an excursion to St. Michael's caves and, of course, visit the Rock.

Best time to visit Gibraltar La Linea

Without a doubt, spring and summer are the best times to travel and explore this area. The climate is Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot sunny summers.

Gibraltar enjoys a microclimate due to its location and the existence of the Rock, which protects it from the cold and from excessive heat.