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What is Click'n Go?

Click'n Go is a digital vehicle rental system that requires access to a mobile device (Smartphone) in order to collect, unlock and lock the vehicle. Once you have been identified at our branch, and with the help of our mobile Click’N Go app, you will no longer be required to attend one of our branches. Upon arrival at the airport, your vehicle will be parked and ready in your designated parking space at the exact collection time stated in your booking.

After completing your Click’n’Go booking online, you will receive all the details required to access your digital key in order to collect your vehicle.

What Smartphone operating system is required to use Click'n Go?

In order to be able to use the Click’n’Go mobile app, the main requirements are to ensure that your mobile is connected to the Internet, Bluetooth and that it has the correct operating system. (Android 5.x or higher/ iOS 9.3 or higher).

We recommend downloading the Click’n’Go mobile app as soon as your booking is confirmed.

I already have my booking. What is next?

Once you have booked your Click’n’Go package, you will receive all information concerning your rental by email. At this point, you will only need to follow these steps:

1. Download the Click’N Go app to your mobile device.

2. If using our Click’n’Go mobile app for the first time, you will be required to access the platform using your booking email and the temporary password that will be included in your confirmation voucher. Once logged on, the Click’n’Go mobile app will recommend modifying your password for security reasons. You will only be required to attend our branch in person if this is your first Goldcar vehicle rental.

Just follow a few simple steps as indicated by our Click’n’Go mobile app and enjoy the experience!

Who can make a Click'n Go booking?

Any drivers over 21 years old that have the required documentation in place and have held a driving license for at least one year will be able to benefit from this service. Customers who have never made any booking with Goldcar before will need to attend our branch in order to check their documents.

What destinations is Click'n Go available for?

Click’n’Go is available at our airport branches in Alicante, Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid and Palma in Majorca.

What details do I need to provide?

In order to book and enjoy your Click’n’Go rental, you will only need to fill in the following details for the main driver:

Personal details:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Town
  • Province
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone
  • National ID/ passport number:
  • Passport or National ID/ Tax ID number
  • Driving license details:
  • Driving license number
Please note: If this is your first rental with Goldcar, you will be required to attend our branch in person in order to provide your National ID or passport, as well as a valid driving license that has not expired. Likewise, you may also be required to produce the credit card used to complete the booking.

Will I receive any confirmation after booking with Click'n Go?

Yes. After completing your booking, you will receive an email including all details regarding your booking and a link to download the Click’n’Go mobile app to your phone.

Can I add any extras to my Click'n Go booking?

During the booking process at our website, you will find all available extras for Click’n’Go bookings as well as their corresponding prices. In case of requesting an additional driver, please note that the virtual key will only be available to the main driver. If the additional driver has never hired a vehicle with Goldcar, they will also be required to attend our branch in person in order to provide their National ID or passport, as well as a valid driving license that has not expired.

These types of booking do not allow users to add specific extras such as baby seats or Sat Nav devices during the booking process, although these can be requested and paid for upon collection of your vehicle at our branch.

How long will it take to collect my vehicle?

Once you have been identified, you will no longer be required to attend our branches in subsequent bookings, so you will be able to start your journey with no further delays. Once of the main advantages of Click’n’Go is that your designated vehicle will be parked at the exact collection time stated in your booking.

Where can I get a copy of the rental agreement?

A copy of the rental agreement will be sent to your email address approximately 15 minutes prior to your vehicle collection time.

How does the vehicle collection process work?

Please go to the car park following the directions give in your mobile n via the Click’n’Go app and stand nearby the vehicle in order to unlock the doors. Simply swipe your finger over your mobile phone screen with the Click’n’Go mobile app.

clickngo goldcar_1

Following, the Click’n’Go mobile app will direct you to enter the current vehicle information.

clickngo goldcar_2

Once inside the vehicle, it can be started by pressing the clutch and the Start/ Stop button at the same time.

clickngo goldcar_3

At what times can I collect my vehicle booked with Click'n Go?

Our Click’n’Go service is available only for vehicle collections between 9am and 21pm. No bookings will be possible outside these hours.

Vehicles may only be collected from the exact start time entered during the booking process.

How does the vehicle work?

Once inside the vehicle, you will find a document explaining what to do in case of any issues with your virtual key.
These Click’n’Go vehicle models feature the Start/ Stop system that turns the engine off while the vehicle is not in motion and restarts the vehicle as soon as you press the clutch or engage first gear.

How does the vehicle return process work?

Once the vehicle has been parked at Goldcar's car park check-in area, you will need to finish the process by clicking on the corresponding button in your Click’n’Go mobile app.

clickngo goldcar_4

At this point, you will be required to complete the following details, as shown in the following screen.

clickngo goldcar_5

Must I return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel?

Yes. All vehicles are delivered with a full tank and they must also be returned full. Otherwise, the full amount of fuel used will be charged, in addition to any applicable penalties according to the terms and conditions for service (

Can I modify my booking with Click'n Go?

Confirmed bookings may not be modified.

Can I cancel my booking with Click'n Go?

Yes, your booking may be cancelled through the Customer Area at Goldcar's website. If you cancel with more than 24 hours' notice before the start of the rental, no cancellation charges shall apply.

What are the rental terms and conditions?

You may check the terms and conditions applicable to all rentals at one of our branches or online at

Click'n Go - Alquila tu coche con un solo click desde tu telefono

How does Click'n Go work?

1. Make your booking via our website target='_blank'>
2. You will receive an email with the link to download the Click'n Go application, along with the necessary access details - if it's your first booking.
3. Download and install Click'n Go . When the date of your booking approaches, you will receive a notification of the location of your car on your phone.
NOTE (important to allow notifications on your mobile)
4. 24 hours prior to the collection of your vehicle we will send the virtual key to the app so you can open the car and start your journey.
5. Find your vehicle in the parking by following the directions on the Click'n Go app and stand next to it to open it.
6. Now you can enjoy your trip!