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Goldcar Club Day

Goldcar Club Day is a unique event with offers and discounts on rental cars for Goldcar clients. 

Still not a Goldcar Club member? Like Amazon Prime Day, Goldcar wants to celebrate Goldcar Club day with their clients. A day of exclusive offers for hiring a car for all of our Goldcar Club members on which we're going to launch the best promotions in the middle of peak season which will last just 24 hours.

You can only find out the day of the event if you're a member of our Club. 

You can also discover the Black Friday page with offers for booking your car on the 27th of November 2020. 

The availability of your car is always guaranteed 

When you book your car within one of our fleet's categories. This includes various vehicle models. When booking your vehicle, you'll always be guaranteed a car within the category selected, but are not guaranteed a specific model even in peak season. 

Why book directly with us?

At Goldcar we believe that you should start your holidays without any worries other than deciding which beach to go to, where you're going to eat or the trip to take with your rental car.

If you have been offered fully comprehensive insurance, no excess rental car or similar which has not been done on the Goldcar website, be careful. Only Goldcar can offer you this service for your car hire.

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