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Goldcar paints the Blue Monday in neon green!

We don't have a mathematical formula to prove it, but we are experts in offering something that will help you overcome with optimism the hard January: four wheels to go as far as you want, windows to breathe fresh air and see new landscapes and five gears to enjoy the trip at your own pace.

We offer you the car rental that will make of your next trip a cool adventure and you will cheer this Monday, January 20, as we always do, at a fair price. Give a little truce to that failed New Year's purpose for the umpteenth time, start thinking about experiences that will make you feel more alive than the gym's exercise bike (which you haven't been to much lately) and book the car at a very affordable price of your next vacation with Goldcar. It is a good begining to start making plans for your next vacation, right?

Goldcar brings you the best car rental deals so that post-vacation nostalgia doesn't win the battle. Incredible prices for you to cheer up these days with a post-Christmas getaway, because, although Christmas ends, everybody feels encouraged when seeing the dates of your next vacation on the calendar. Valentine, Easter, Summer ... there is a whole 2020 year ahead and thousands of destinations to travel behind the wheel.

What is the Blue Monday?

You will have noticed an invasion of hashtags #BlueMonday, #OfertasBlueMonday, # BlueMonday2020 in your Social Networks, joined by messages to animate the probably saddest day of the year. In 2005 an advertising agency named this day as Blue Monday (third Monday of January). According to a mathematical study that includes variables such as the weather, the return to work or the emotional hangover… left by all the failed New Year's purposes. So, yes: this is the day when people who live in the northern hemisphere of the world feel sadder.

In Goldcar, the Blue Monday 2020 is composed of: 

  1. The car you need for your vacation at a fair price and 
  2. The discount that best suits your needs, so that the first point is even better ;)
We bring three unbeatable discounts, which one best suits your needs?

  • -25% rate: combine this discount with any of the packages and rates we offer on our website, except with the Crazy Smart rate. Save on your rent using this ‘wild card’ discount, which will be applied directly to the total price of your rental by booking on the Goldcar website.
  • Additional driver: available in more than 10 selected destinations, is it yours among them? Undoubtedly the perfect option for road trips in company, or with many kilometers. Sharing the steering wheel will make your trip more comfortable and safe.
  • -30% in Click’n Go and Key’n Go: our 100% digital services, with which you will avoid waiting and going to the counter. Two alternatives that make the road from the plane, or from home, to your car very fast, and simple!
With Key’n Go, following three simple identification steps on the kiosk screen, you will get your car keys in less than a minute. 

Enter goldcar.es/en and kick off your next trip, that never disappoints! While you are thinking about which of our more than 110 destinations you are going to book your vacation car, we bring good news for your pockets:

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