AENOR Certification

Goldcar Group’s website has obtained AENOR’s Good Practices in E-Commerce Certification

Goldcar Group, the leading tourism vehicle rental company in Spain, has obtained a new quality certification from AENOR. The Good Practices in E-Commerce Certification was granted in recognition for the transformation undertaken to improve their website at During the last few months, the site’s booking process has been renovated to offer more information and additional services, in order to provide users with all the tools to manage their bookings securely in a fast, simple way.

Goldcar’s web portal has begun a modernisation process on the internet to ensure customer satisfaction online. The company is working in the creation of a help centre that will become a new industry standard in the coming months.

AENOR’s Good Practices in E-Commerce Certification guarantees the safety of all transactions carried out by customers at the Goldcar Group website, which are undertaken through an officially monitored sales channel that includes an arbitration system. This new accreditation ensures supervision of the framework through which all e-commerce transactions are processed. Achieving this certification involves the assessment of several aspects such as the purchase process, commercial communications, sales, bookings, payments, goods or service deliveries, after sales services, out of court settlement systems, technology, data security, personal data protection or ethics.

AENOR (Spanish Standardisation and Certification Association) is a non-for-profit private entity which contributes to improving the quality and competitiveness of companies, as well as their products and services.

Goldcar Group is an industry standard in Europe, with branches in Spain, Italy and Portugal. They offer mobility solutions to companies and individuals through their three business lines: Goldcar Rental and Goldcar Fleet Services. Goldcar Rental is aimed at holidaymakers. Goldcar Fleet Services provides fleet services to companies in order to meet their vehicle needs during their business development.


AENOR Certification

Good Practices in E-Commerce Certification