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Goldcar Glasgow Airport Reviews

Global Rating Goldcar Glasgow Airport Reviews

Rating based on 27 reviews

Goldcar Rent a Car Onlilne

In Goldcar, we've increased our awareness in order to improve the user experience and make the car booking process easier. Through the web, its mobile version and our App you can guarantee all the necessary information in order to locate our offices in 18 different countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Portugal or Greece among others, cars, special rates, deals and promotions in 17 languages.

We are one of the best lowcost car rental companies and we would like to show you.

I guess my being a repeat customer is a testimony that the entire process from booking through to taking the vehicle is smooth and easy.

AALAM PESHIMAM, 2019/07/15

Very easy to use. Takes me less than 2 minutes to book my car everytime.

AALAM PESHIMAM, 2019/07/03

very fast and responsive. discount applied immediately is very unusual and one of the best I have used

Hugh Todd, 2019/06/16

First class - easy to navigate. Prices and offers easy to find and happy to accept.

Jim Currie, 2019/06/01

Sometimes I'm in a rush to book and the website is simply laid out. Even when you have to go back and make edits it's quick and easy.

AALAM PESHIMAM, 2019/05/25

The prices were amazing and the website very easy to use

Vasileios Begkzos, 2019/05/25

I always use the website and the booking process takes me no more than 3-4 minutes.

AALAM PESHIMAM, 2019/05/17

Glasgow staff are always very courteous and helpful, the reason I keep coming back

Linda Laws, 2019/05/11

Usually car rental websites are not very good, but this one is quite a nice piece :)

Kamil Maralik, 2019/05/11

Easy to use

Shirley Woollett, 2019/03/14

Easy to use, always good prices, and good cars. Always excellent service

Robin Gibson, 2019/03/14

The Staff in Glasgow are very helpful. They offer a Great service and value.

Linda Laws, 2019/03/01

very easy to navigate and user friendly. happy to return at first opportunity

Michal Wojewodzki, 2018/12/16

great website and service, have used gold car several times, best rental company out there!

james Murphy, 2018/11/21

straight forward and easy to fill in site. would rather pay when on web page and complete transaction

andy millar, 2018/09/18

How do we collect these opinions in Goldcar?

Once the booking is confirmed, you can rate the service and speed of booking a car process through a short survey in the confirmation screen of this web page.

There are many service rating and opinion platforms such as Tripadvisor, Ekomi or Mytripcar where you can read about the advantages and disadvantages written by any user but only the opinions shown here belong to clients that have booked a car. So, before you book a car with us, we invite you to read what other real customers have said about booking with Goldcar.