Annual Corporate Social Responsability Reports

Corporate Social Responsibility Actions

A company attached to the United Nations Global Pact

Goldcar is a member of the Global Pact of the United Nations, an international initiative for businesses to integrate in their activities, culture and business strategy, 10 universally accepted principles to promote corporate social responsibility in the areas of Human Rights, Working Conditions, Environment and Anticorruption.

This initiative is another step for the Goldcar commitment to sustainability and business excellence. By joining the United Nations Global Pact, the company shows its willingness to implement the principles set out, prepare and submit an annual progress report containing the principal progress made, and to channel collaborative projects in support of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Goldcar Blue: A Commitment to the Environment

Goldcar continually reaffirms its commitment to the environment by adopting the latest quality systems and by using responsible resource management. The company offers its customers GOLDCAR BLUE division, a commitment to advance sustainability, through the hire of electric, hybrid and LPG vehicles.

Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca have become Goldcar´s first smart cities. Two key locations to bring the public our fleet of electric cars and to discover a new way of driving that continues to grow and is on its way to new locations such as Italy.

Goldcar Blue represents a work philosophy focused on sustainability. A commitment to innovation and driving awareness that has led to Goldcar to participate in various activities both in Spain and internationally. Routes from journalists and bloggers, actions on social networks or conferences to share the Goldcar Blue experience.

Goldcar Cycling Manifesto. Improving road coexistence

Committed to safety on the roads, at Goldcar we wanted to go a step further for our part to improve coexistence between cyclists and drivers. In 2016 we will implement our Goldcar Cyclist Manifesto a commitment to safety drawn from the recommendations of different groups, associations and professional cyclists to promote this sport with the utmost safety.

The initiative, launched by the division Ponle Freno Atresmedia, is a meeting point for all those who enjoy both driving their vehicles as well as cycling. The Manifesto seeks to promote adherence to a code of respect and good practice to help reduce accidents on national and international roads.

Environmental Management Policy

We are committed to ongoing improvement in accordance with the needs of the environment.

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