A chocolate Ferrari is a delicious image


Not everything in Goldcar has to be because a serious thing. We love humor, and the picture above is a little silly. For cavallino rampant and chocolate addicts this will make you salivate.

Apparently, the Pasticceri Italiani Club has used two tons of Belgian chocolate to produce are size model of the F2008.

As explained by Luigi Liberti, president of the FerrariNapoli Club  team, “it will be displayed until the end of the festival and then broken down with hammers and given to the attendees so they could take it home.”

The car, which is on display now in Sorrento, required that manufacturers to start melting the chocolate last year. It is coated with a layer sweetened bright red top layer totally edible and the wheels, seat and some accessories are pure solid chocolate. Delicious!

source rosario3

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